14 Ethical and Organic Bedding Brands That Will Have You Wanting to Sleep In

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There are few things in life better than sliding into a comfortable bed fitted with freshly laundered, soft, organic cotton sheets.

Good quality sheets are an investment, but since we spend nearly a third of our life between those sheets, it’s important to get them right.

So to help you make the best choice, we’ve done a Goldilocks and compiled a list of our favourite ethically made and organic bedding brands for a good night’s sleep that’s also good for the planet.

Image via I Love Linen.

I love linen ethical organic bedding brands
organic ethical bedding

The Beach People

Blended with long fibre cotton, The Beach People infuse Eucalyptus into their fabric blends to create a silk-like material that can only be described as sleeping on a cloud. Eucalyptus is hypoallergenic, breathable, and long-lasting. The Beach People focus on creating sheets that are going to last you many dreamy nights. Pictured left.

Mulberry Threads Co

Mulberry Threads Co. believes you deserve a good night’s sleep, no matter what. Helping you sleep better is their aim, and organic bamboo bed sheets are their game. Founded by two sisters and a bestie, Mulberry Threads Co. is the home of soft pastel block colours, and fog stripes you’ll want to spend all day in.

Made Trade

Made Trade offer a carefully curated selection of organic bedding brands. You’ll find organic sheets, sustainable robes and ethically made towels from brands like Coyuchi and Area Home, and Hoot’s amazingly soft TENCEL bedding, and hand-stitched Kantha comforters. Sustainability has never felt so comfy!

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West Elm

Centred on the intersection of modern design, affordability, and community, West Elm exists to help you express yourself in your home. They’ll cover your bed in quilt covers, bed basics, throws, and cushions. Using linen, organic cotton, and a variety of other luxurious fabrics, West Elm is dedicated to offering something for all types of homes and lifestyles.

Bhumi Organic

If you’re hunting for organic certified bed sheets in neutral colours, Bhumi Organic are waiting for you. Bhumi Organic saw the harmful effects of conventional cotton on farmers, their families, and surrounding villages, and sought out to create a demand for the alternative: organic cotton. With bed sheets so popular you may have to wait until the ‘sold out’ sign disappears, Bhumi Organic is dedicated to changing the cotton industry for the better. All products are made with “love for the Earth and Her people”. Image right.

Elkie & Ark

Your sheets should make you relax, refresh, and reawaken rejuvenated. Elkie & Ark fulfil all your dreams of achieving this, and more. Their bedsheets are sustainable from the farm to you, plus 100% of their profits are donated to charities that support anti-trafficking, neonatal care, women’s literacy, and children’s education. Elkie & Ark are obsessed when it comes to organic linen. They focus on making sure they don’t just offer you a brilliant product but put each dollar in a place that creates the greatest positive impact on our planet.

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Coyuchi values naps, the environment, and minimalism. They give you what they say they’ll give you, no strings attached or extras to explain. Feast your sleepy eyes on Coyuchi’s organic linen chambray minimalist set, or if you’re in a cool part of the world, cosy into their organic flannel sheets in monotone colours, you’ll spend hours choosing between. Coyuchi makes your sleep natural and simple.

Under the canopy

Sustainability isn’t just about how your bedding was made. Sustainability also asks how long your sheets will last after being washed and worn, and where they end up once they’re no longer usable. Under the Canopy start with a sustainable mindset from the get-go. During the design process, right through to the way they are sent to you, Under the Canopy keeps sustainability at the core of everything they do. They use recycled and organic materials and the lowest impact dyes to bring you sustainable sheets that last and look like heaven. Image left.


Biome is your organic bedding hub. They have gathered several brands you can trust, in one easy platform that saves you time and hassle. From baby bedding to mosquito nets, Biome does all it can to provide natural, comfortable, and chemical-free bed sheet options. Every good sleeper deserves great quality, organic, ethically made sheets, and Biome are where you’ll find just that.

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SOL Organics

Soft. Smooth. Sustainable. Say no more! SOL Organics are on a mission to bring ethical integrity to a space full of inequality and dirty cotton that harms everything it comes into contact with. They’ve aced it. SOL Organics’ cotton is 100% certified organic and grown from non-GMO seeds that offer cotton farmers a way out of devastating debt and harmful working conditions. With fair-trade, GOTS, and Oeko Tex certifications, it’s easy to see the SOL Organics range of basic bedding comes from years of research, education, and hard work.

I Love Linen

I Love Linen keeps traditional artisan woven textiles alive in your home. They believe ancient weaving techniques should not be lost, and allow you to be a part of enjoying and treasuring these exceptional fabrics daily. Picture French linen in olives and rusts and sustainable bamboo quilt covers to go perfectly with a good book and a cup of coffee. Image right via Create Estate

Boll & Branch

Known for their focus on people throughout every step of the production process, Boll & Branch guarantees equal pay for women, no child labour, liveable wages, worker benefits, standard working hours, and mandatory breaks. Their hemmed sheet sets are known to get comfier with every wash, and the sizes are designed to fit even the tallest mattresses.

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Ettitude is great in bed. Stepping beyond the norm, Ettitude has created a sustainable material made from pure bamboo lyocell, bamboo charcoal lyocell, and bamboo coffee lyocell. This triple thread offers freshness, longevity, breathability, and thermo-regulation. Not only do Ettitude make sure you’ll be comfortable using the product, they also only work with suppliers who guarantee fair wages and safe working environments for all employees. If you’re a fan of cloudy pinks, paradise greens, and starlight blues, Ettitude will keep you satisfied. Image left

Hemp Sheet Studios

Designed for a place where most people spend at least one-third of their lives – their bedrooms Hemp Sheet Studios offer naturally organic hemp sheets and quilts for a good night’s sleep that’s also good for the planet. Timelessness and sustainability are at the heart of this brand. Durable, breathable, anti-bacterial, and available in an array of classical neutral and seasonal colours. Use the code thegreenhub10 for 10% off your first order

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