The Best Ethically Made Pants For Women Who Give A Sh*t

Olivia Burton

To me, trousers (or pants) are the most essential item in a wardrobe.

They can make or break how you feel, how comfortable you are, and how good an outfit looks. I am pear-shaped so pants can be a nightmare, especially when they won’t go up past your knees in a dressing room.

It can end up being really difficult to find pants that are actually fun but also ethically produced, so I’ve done the research for you.

See below for my picks ethically produced perfect pants.

Image via Bilboa

ethical fashion pants trousers

Things to look for when purchasing pants or trousers:

  • The brand: Do they mention where the products are made? How? By who?
  • Materials: Avoid synthetic materials
  • Certifications: Ethical Clothing Australia, GOTS, Fair Trade
  • Messaging: Do they include any descriptions about sustainability, low waste or the maker?
  • Measurements: Double check as some designers use varied measures
Australian ethical fashion pants brands Nobody denim

Nobody Denim “Ethically Made In Australia”

Denim jeans are one of the most environmentally damaging garments, traditionally made with toxic dyes and harmful finishes.

Nobody Denim is a Melbourne brand, born in 1999 focusing on premium denim. They have a longstanding commitment to ethical manufacturing principles and sustainability, including reusing denim stock to produce new products.

The denim brand commits to ethical practices with accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia and working with the Textile, Clothing, and Footwear Union of Australia.

“Born in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, Nobody Denim has long been celebrated for making women feel more confident in their world and in themselves. Designed from the details up, we believe style is as much about the attitude as it is about the purpose.”

Nobody Denim also focuses on design and comfort, using 100% high-quality cotton from Europe and comfortable cuts.

ethical pants trousers People Tree

People Tree – “The Original Pioneers”

People Tree are the original Fair Trade Fashion brand, and the world’s first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation Fair Trade product mark in 2013.

Not only are People Tree’s products certified Fair Trade, they also minimise their environmental impact using eco-friendly fabrics and certified organic.

‘For over 25 years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. Fair Trade is about creating a new way of doing business; creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world.’

The cuts for trousers are great as they focus on finely crafted materials, which are comfortable and different.

ethical fashion pants trousers

Bilboa – “The Professional Costume Maker”

I accidentally stumbled across this incredible brand on Etsy, with its quality handcrafted apparel from dead stock, organic and vintage fabric.

The clothing is handmade in Byron Bay by designer and creator Osha, who was a professional costume designer. Bilboa uses beautiful construction from unique fabrics, which are practical and comfortable.

‘Featuring vibrant colours, and bold patterns, we hand print onto fabric; using eco friendly paints to minimise waste and water usage. From packaging to tags, we strive to reduce our footprint on the earth, by using only recycled paper products.’


ethical fashion pants trousers

Arc & Bow – “Traditionally Hand-Printed Pants”

Last but not least, I am in love with Arc & Bow available on Well Made Clothes.

The fair trade clothing brand offers organic pieces, which are reasonably priced and long-lasting.

They are designed in New Zealand and then produced in Jaipur, India using non-toxic dyes. They also encourage traditional processes such as block and screen-printing, which ensures artisans are employed fairly.

“Each style is cleverly designed to suit work or play, making Arc and Bow the go to brand for women who like to feel comfortable whilst looking current, elegant and fun.”

Olivia Burton

Olivia is an eco-writer, producer, science graduate & ocean enthusiast. After moving from London to Sydney, she found her love for the outdoors and recycled textiles, which led her to start writing about science and sustainable fashion. Olivia is really passionate about brands using fashion for good and innovation in the industry. She now splits her time between several not-for-profit organisations in communication roles. Olivia is also a Centre for Sustainability Leadership alumni and sits on the Fashion Revolution committee for Australia & New Zealand.