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Kira Simpson

With exception of a handful of well stocked health stores and organic specialists such as Biome, natural beauty lovers have been limited to shopping online.

Until now.

Natural and organic beauty is quickly becoming mainstream and there are now beautiful stores in most of Australia’s capital cities where you can walk in, talk to passionate experts and actually try your favourite products.

The newest green beauty emporium to open up a physical shop is the Clean Beauty Market. Most fortunately for me, it’s right here on the Gold Coast so I stopped by to meet founder Erin and have a chat about her beautiful store and the brands she stocks.

"I knew there were people just like me that valued clean beauty but still wanted a fun and luxurious place to shop."

clean beauty market

What was it that started you on the path to opening Clean Beauty Market?

I have both a Makeup Artistry and Social Work background and I want to see change within the beauty industry. I want my daughters to be using clean products that are not going to harm them.

Also, I wanted a place comparable to a Mecca or Sephora that had world leading clean beauty brands in an environment where it was thoroughly enjoyable to shop, as beauty shopping should be. Up until now, many leading brands have been unavailable in a retail context in Australia and the only brands we have had access to have been in the health food stores or online. Being that Makeup Artistry is a core part of our business, I had to make sure our brands performed to the highest standard. I realised to do this, I had to be open to finding these brands wherever they were in the world.

I knew there were people just like me that valued clean beauty but still wanted a fun and luxurious place to shop.


How is it going so far?

I’m really thrilled with how excited people have been to find the store and all these great lines they either didn’t know existed or have only been able to access online. The response overall has been extremely positive and that keeps me motivated to keep going on this path.

What’s been your favourite part of launching the store and the new online store?

Probably the excitement that goes with introducing new products to people and helping them find their new holy grail products. I love that we are building a loyal customer base and online community. I love connecting with our customers. The gentle education we provide on clean beauty, for example – our clean beauty swap in-store service where we help people find clean alternatives to their favourites – is also really rewarding.

What sort of products can we find there?

We have about 40 lines so far and we are expanding. We have makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and inner wellness. We also have a range of in-store services such as our makeup application. All of our in-store services and workshops are redeemable on our products. We also have our mobile bridal service which we’ve had a great response too as well, particularly as our trials are in-store and therefore redeemable too.

clean beauty market
clean beauty market

clean beauty market

As a makeup artist have you always worked with natural products?

Not always. I started out working for one of the big cosmetics houses over 10 years ago and didn’t know a thing about clean beauty! When I went out on my own and became a freelancer, I started to notice the connection between skin health and the ingredients in skincare and makeup. I started to do my own research and felt compelled to share this knowledge with my clients and switch my kit over to non-toxic products. Natural makeup has come a long way, the quality and performance is superior in many ways.

What do you most love about natural and organic beauty products?

The way they feel when you put them on your skin and knowing that you are taking much better care of yourself by using them.

I love that natural skincare is often packed full of active and effective quality ingredients minus the synthetics and fillers. We really focus on building a family of clean beauty brands that are not just natural/non-toxic but are highly effective and functional. We source these brands from all over the world and bring them to the one place for our customers to enjoy.

clean beauty market
clean beauty market

What is your morning beauty routine like? 

It depends on what I’m doing but on a typical work day I cleanse in the shower with the Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse, followed by a face oil or serum like the Maya Chia Pressed Serum with vitamin C. I then always apply sunscreen – I love the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream or the Hynt Sun Prep. For make up, I like to mix it up.  At the moment, I am loving the Alima Pure Pure Silk Foundation and Concealers, Vapour Organics cream blush and bronzer and the any of the CLOVE + HALLOW lip products.

What makeup brands/products are you loving right now?

I am absolutely loving the Maya Chia Highlight of The Day – it is the most beautiful illuminating serum that makes skin unbelievably radiant. I am also going crazy for the Nu Evolution Portofino Bronzer and the Olio E Osso balms are a great multi-use product for lips and cheeks.

What is your best tip for beautiful, glowing skin?

I have The Beauty Chef Glow powder in my morning smoothie and really notice a difference if I go without. Lots of water, sleep, weekly exfoliation and the right makeup will also help!

What can we expect in the future for Clean Beauty Market?

Our goal is to completely shift the way Australia shops clean beauty products. There is no reason that a clean beauty shopping experience should be anything short of fun, indulgent, thrilling and girly. We want you to feel excited about all the pretty colours, textures and packaging! So, we’re on a mission to get Australia excited about clean beauty.

We’re also expanding our range of brands and have some super exciting new additions to the Clean Beauty Market family. Stay tuned.

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Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability expert. She started The Green Hub as a blog in 2015, which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education sites dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.