The War On Waste is Back With Season 3

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Mark your calendars – after a six-year break, ABC’s groundbreaking series “War on Waste” is making a much-anticipated return.

Once again helmed by Craig Reucassel, season 3 delves deep into Australia’s growing waste crisis, casting light on hard truths and sharing a vision for a more sustainable future.

The three-part series tackles the biggest questions surrounding household waste and offers practical solutions to our nation’s waste habits to inspire a fresh wave of sustainable living.

War On Waste Season 3

All while asking the question, what can each of us do to contribute to a more sustainable future?

This season explores the disturbing health impacts of microplastics, our fast fashion addiction, and the relationship between food waste and climate change.

As well as showcasing the reality of our waste habits through neighbourhood plastic and waste audits, with revealing GPS tracking experiments that trace the actual journeys of our waste.

Reucassel will also introduce us to the trailblazing ‘waste warriors’. Forward-thinking innovators are at the forefront of reshaping the narrative of global waste issues and pioneering sustainable solutions for our plastic, food, and fashion waste.

War on Waste will premiere on July 25th, 8.30 pm on ABC TV and ABC iview. Watch the trailer here.

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