We Tried Hoselink’s Solar Party Bulbs and Fairy Lights

Kira Simpson

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I’ve been enjoying entertaining at home this summer, and given that for so many of us around the world it’s the only option right now, I’ve tried to create a welcoming space that my friends love visiting.

I’ve kept my back deck pretty simple with just a few pieces of furniture, allowing the natural beauty of nature to shine through but I felt the space was missing something, and that something was fairy lights.

Hanging a few strands of solar string lights and globes across the roof and railings instantly transformed the space, and they look so gorgeous when all lit up.

Best of all, they were very easy to set up.

Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know I live in rental property, so any decor needs to be temporary and relatively easy to set up and take down for when we move one day.

I went with Hoselink’s solar garden lights because they’re a great alternative to wired lighting that needs to be plugged in. They’re completely portable and easy to mount using screws or an Outdoor Acrylic Double-sided Tape.

These lights are also eco-friendly, low in cost, highly energy-efficient and thanks to their LED bulbs, they’re also energy-saving.

Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights
Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights
Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights
Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights

The range

Hoselink has a pretty impressive range of solar lights from footpath, sensor, and security lighting to decorative garden globes and strings lights in warm and cool.

To help you navigate their lighting range, Hoselink has put together this handy lighting guide to help you choose the right lights for your space.

I went with a combination of the Party Bulb String Lights and the Garden Fairy Party Lights, both in warm white.

The fairy lights were perfect for wrapping around the poles and stringing along the railings of the deck (I attached them with zip ties) and the bulb lights I strung across the roof. My only regret is that I did not hang more!

The fairy lights are 15 metres, I used two for this space and the bulbs come in a 25 starter set with the option to add an additional 25 bulbs with an extension. They both come with four lighting modes, a still option and three varieties of flashing if you really want to get the party started.

So how do they work?

The lights are powered using a solar cell to absorb energy from the sun throughout the day, the cell powers a built-in battery, which charges during daylight hours. Then the lights automatically illuminate as the sun goes down and switch off when the dawn breaks.

Something else I found very handy is the solar panels are removable.

So if your lights are in a position that does not receive a lot of sunlight you can detach the charging panels and pop them in a sunny spot for the day the reattach when they’re charged up. There’s also a decent length of string between the last light and the solar panel so you can mount them on the ground in direct sun using the stake.

Final thoughts

Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of the lights, I own a variety of Hoselink’s garden products and quality is something they do consistently well. I’ve had the lights up for two months now and they keep illuminated throughout the evening, even on the latest party nights. And they’ve held up under the torrential rain and cyclonic winds we’ve experienced here on the Gold Coast this summer.

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Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights
Hoselink solar outdoor fairy lights

Kira Simpson

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