5 Gorgeous Ethical Wedding Dresses Under $500

Kira Simpson

Finding a wedding dress is hard enough without the added stress of ensuring your gown ticks all the ethical and sustainable boxes.

Then there’s the cost.

Blowing your life savings on dress to wear once and gather dust at the back of the closet is not sustainable!

Enter Reformation.

The US based online store has developed a cult following with fashion lovers and celebrities alike. With the mantra “We make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment,” reformation has proven sustainable fashion can be stylish, wearable and (somewhat) affordable.

Founder Yael Aflalo wanted Reformation to be at the forefront of fashion technology and innovation. “We do everything that we can to be sustainable. From sourcing materials to business practices, we think about our impact on the environment. We have the “RefScale”, where we measure the environmental impact for every item that we make, from carbon dioxide, to waste, to water usage”.*

When I was hunting for my own wedding dress, I wanted something lightweight and casual for the destination wedding taking place in Thailand. I found a beautiful silk dress from Zimmermann which was perfect but, had ethical fashion been on my radar back then, Reformation would have been my pick!

ethical wedding dress

Whether you're a low key bride to be or wanting a dress you can dance in for the reception, these gorgeous (and affordable!) ethical wedding dresses are perfect.

Kira Simpson

Founder + Director of The Green Hub, an urban green living advocate and coffee obsessive. She believes there is no one size fits all green lifestyle and we can all live more sustainably in a way that fits in with each of our unique lifestyles.