“No Straw Please” It’s International Straw Free Day

Kira Simpson

That seemingly innocent plastic straw in your drink is destroying our beautiful planet.

An item we use for less than ten minutes is ending up in our parks, waterways and oceans, where they never break down. Plastic straws make up the top ten items found in beach cleanups.

The Last Straw are trying to change this.

The Last Straw is a campaign to end the use of the plastic straws in venues around Australia.

We aim to tackle the issue from both sides- encouraging consumers to use less plastic straws and encouraging businesses to give out less straws through staff training and information.

This is more than a trend. This a permanent and intentional move to shift our lifestyle to match our beliefs.

At The Last Straw, we believe that it makes no sense to continue to use plastic straws at the volume we do, and that big change can be made through small everyday actions driven by you.

To get involved, see the ambassador pack here. 

straw free day

"Shift the conversation around plastic straw use and tackle plastic pollution from the ground up."

Kira Simpson

Founder + Editor of The Green Hub, Kira believes we all have the power to vote, invest, make lifestyle choices, become activists and demand change to create the future we want.