Circular and Sustainable Fashion Masterclass

Kira Simpson

“The Masterclass is a program of transformative learning to help people and organisations adapt and thrive in a sustainable fashion industry.”

The masterclass will be run by Dr. Clara Vuletich a sustainable fashion and textile designer, consultant and researcher. Clara works alongside ‘fast fashion’ brands to bring about change and has worked extensively with designers at H & M, Gucci Group and VF. Corp, pioneering a sustainable design methodology called The Ten.

The programme runs over five days and has been specifically developed for fashion industry professionals in both large and small organisations.

More detailed information about the course and enrolment can be found here.

Sustainable Fashion Masterclass

Kira Simpson

Founder + Editor of The Green Hub, Kira believes we all have the power to vote, invest, make lifestyle choices, become activists and demand change to create the future we want.