5 Natural Hydrating Hand Creams To Save Your Hands From All That Washing

Kira Simpson

By now, I’m sure you’ve got the memo that you need to wash your hands.

And while frequent hand washing is essential, the repetitive rinsing can certainly strip our poor hands of much-needed moisture.

If your hands are really starting to feel the effects of being washed every 10 minutes, it might be time to invest in products specifically for keeping them happy and hydrated.

Here are my top hand cream picks to help soothe your poor, dry, oversanitised hands.

Image via Sara Shakeel

best natural hand creams
best hand cream grown

Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel $27

Hands down (see what I did there) my favourite in this list, this little tube is the MVP in the world of hand creams.

Beautifully scented, effective and feels like a luxury product at a pretty good price point for a 300ml tube. The metal tube means you can squeeze out every last drop so no product wasted.

Rosehip and camellia seed oils make this super nourishing and the aloe helps soothe even the most overwashed of hands.

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best natural affordable hand cream

Sukin Signature Hand and Nail Cream $7.99

The best affordable hand cream I’ve come across and a bargain for the generous 125ml size. I keep this one by my bedside and use nightly.

Containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Borage Oil, this will leave your hands feeling soft and nourished. Absorption takes a few minutes but there’s no greasy residue.

I was gifted my first tube from Sukin then brought another one. When a blogger purchases something they’ve previously been given for free, you know it’s good.

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best organic hand cream

Weleda Skin Food $14.95

Skinfood was first formulated in 1926 and almost 100 years later, the same formula still has natural beauty lovers obsessed. 100% natural and organic, this little tube packs a big punch.

The texture is thick and takes a while to sink in, so best to use while you’re on a break from your desk as it will leave residue on the keyboard (been there). The hydrating almond oil and soothing chamomile scent will have you living your best hand cream life.

Not just limited to hands, this is the epitome of multi-purpose balms. You can also use it as a face cream (there is a lighter version available), under-eye cream, on dry elbows, cracked cuticles, as a lip balm.

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best luxury hand cream

SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Touch Hand Cream $24

Basically a tropical holiday in a tube with Sol de Janerio’s addictive signature scent.

Bolstered with a plethora of hard-working South American ingredients, including brazil nut, cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, and acai oil.

Of all these mentioned, this one is the least hydrating. It sinks in quickly but I find I need to use more product than with other creams. For the price, I’d like it to last a little longer, but I’d repurchase for the scent alone.

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aesop best hand luxe hand cream

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm $33

This is Aesop’s bests selling hand cream. Non-greasy, absorbs quickly, immediately hydrating and smells like mandarin and rosemary.

Definitely on the pricier side, this is my go-to when I feel like rewarding myself for something, anything really, just so I can carry around the luxe pink tube in my handbag and feel oh so fancy when I whip it out in public.

If you really feel like splurging it also comes in a 500ml pump bottle.

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Kira Simpson

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