New online yoga streaming service allows you to work out anytime, anywhere

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Yoga is an ideal form of gentle activity that everyone can slot into their weekly schedule.

It complements other forms of exercise including cardio and resistance training; stretches long-neglected and tight muscles; gets our bodies moving intuitively after hours sitting down; and most importantly, forces us to allocate time to our own self-care and check in with ourselves without distraction.

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Having trouble finding the time to get to the studio?

The team behind Power Living Yoga (Australia’s largest yoga collective) have just released Yogaholics, a genius online yoga streaming service. For twelve bucks a month (yes, a month), a subscription provides users with a range of classes taught by their professional yoga instructors that you can do from the comfort of your own living room. There are options to suit everyone, from absolute beginners and those with injuries to experienced yogis.

And this is the really clever bit: you can choose which video by time length.

Only got ten minutes to warm up your body before work? Got half an hour? Got a full hour? Everyone, from the super busy to those lucky enough to have a luxurious ninety minutes to complete their practice is catered for. There are also specific vids which target particular muscle groups such as tight shoulders. Just perfect for hot summer days when you can’t bear to leave the house!

Photo credit: Kate Kendall – activeyogi

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