6 Inspiring Nature Documentaries to Watch While You’re at Home

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There’s been no shortage of screen time in isolation as we do our best to stay at home and stay occupied. It’s hard not to feel unproductive. But with the right content, you can learn something while you stream. 

World Animal Protection has rounded up some of the best animal documentaries to watch in isolation, so you can get clued up on everything from canned lion hunting to the captive marine industry.

Image Hector Skevington-Postles/Oliver Scholey/Silverback/Netflix

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This is the story of one of our most bio-diverse destinations – Virunga National Park in Congo – and the planet’s last remaining mountain gorillas who live there. The film follows a team of park rangers as they protect this UNESCO world heritage site from threats, including armed military and poachers.

Where to watch: Netflix

Blood Lions

Every day, lions are killed in canned hunts in South Africa. On top of this, they’re also slaughtered for the lion bone trade, to be sent to Asia. This documentary raises awareness of the unethical practices associated with common wildlife experiences, like cub petting and walking with lions. 

Where to watch: rent through Amazon

The Biggest Little Farm

A couple trades city life for 200 acres of farmland. They learn about biodiversity, nature’s conflicts and living in harmony with nature. If you like the idea of living off the land, this documentary is for you. It showcases a blueprint for sustainable living and a healthier planet.

Where to watch: rent through Google Play or YouTube

The Cove

This brutal exposé follows advocate Ric O’Barry (who formerly trained dolphins), filmmakers, freedivers, and the Ocean Preservation Society as they descend on a remote cove in Taiji, Japan. Here, the annual dolphin hunting season takes place, and fisherman capture dolphins for marine parks, or slaughter them for their meat.

Where to watch: rent through Google Play or YouTube


Different to most animal documentaries, Blackfish focuses on the life of a single animal – Tilikum the performing killer whale. Tilikum killed several people while in captivity, which sees the film focus on the species’ cruel treatment and its’ effect on the captive marine industry.

Where to watch: rent through Amazon, Google Play or iTunes

Our Planet

Anything narrated by David Attenborough is a 10/10 watch, and Our Planet is no different. This eight-episode series explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet. It follows some of the incredible species that inhabit our high seas, grasslands and jungles. 

Where to watch: Netflix

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