6 Things You Can Do For Earth Hour 2020

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Earth Hour, the world’s largest (and Aussie grown!) grassroots movement to protect the planet is upon us once again.

On Saturday 28th March 2020 at 8.30pm, join millions of people around the world as they #SwitchOff their lights to create awareness and inspire action on climate change and nature loss.

Every Australian felt the devastating effects of the catastrophic bushfires this summer. Bushfires burnt an area bigger than Ireland, took the lives of at least 33 people and an estimated 1.25 billion native animals.

Earth Hour 2020

Beyond the fire-stricken areas, cities were shrouded in toxic smoke, droughts devastated farms and regional towns, the Great Barrier Reef showed signs of another mass coral bleaching event, and millions of people marched in capital cities around the world for stronger climate action.

In 2020 Earth Hour is urging Australians to raise their voice for nature and sign a petition calling for federal and state governments to take stronger climate action.⁣⁣

By signing up to #SwitchOff you’ll be sending an email to 25 key politicians urging them to make change for the planet today.

We need everyone who understands to elevate nature loss to a global audience and help spark millions of conversations to create real, tangible change.

Here’s some ideas on what to do by candle (or lappy) light as you #SwitchOff on Earth Hour Saturday

  1. Call your mates, grab some popcorn and a million pillows, and dedicate your Saturday night to a David Attenborough extravaganza. Here’s some inspo for the best climate change and nature docos on Netflix.

  2. OR forget Netflix n chill, what ever happened to dinner dates by candlelight? That soft warm glow, movie-moment feels, snacks for days…

  3. Head outside and spend an evening soaking up the distant stars. It’s not often we find ourselves with our eyes to the skies – it’s generally a screen – so now is a better excuse than ever to switch off completely.

  4. Dust off that Monopoly board from the far corners of the cupboard and watch the competition bring out a new side to your fellow players (warning: emotions run high)

  5. Find an Earth Hour community event in your area or major city – they might have nabbed the best spots for watching the lights #SwitchOff and you can jump on board!

  6. Get social. Join in on #Connect2Earth and engage with people all over the world about climate change and feel empowered by others who share your concerns and favour solutions.

2020 is a pivotal year for our planet.⁣ It’s time to come together. To raise our voices for stronger climate action 🌏⁣⁣

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