ecostore now Uses Sustainable Packaging Made From Sugarcane

Kira Simpson

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My first foray into living more sustainably {almost four years ago!) was switching out my cleaning products for natural, plant-based alternatives. It was an easy swap, made even easier by the fact you could find natural cleaning products on the shelves at the local grocery stores.

That day, I waltzed into my local shops with green cleaning on my mind. To be fair, I only skimmed the ingredients list, trusting the marketing as the lovely modern black and white packaging was screaming ‘take me home, I will look so good on your sink”.


best eco-friendly cleaning

That was ecostore, a New Zealand based natural cleaning and now skincare brand who have been making easier for people to live greener since 1993. The wooden dish brush, citrus hand wash and, natural washing liquid did indeed look good resting on my sink. They also worked.

Packaging with a difference

These days, the products are still the eco-friendly high performers they always have been, ecostore has also taken the lead with more sustainable packaging.

Their bottles are made from a renewable source, are 100% recyclable and remove carbon from the atmosphere. The innovative brand has come up with an alternative to petroleum-based plastic packaging in the form of plastic made from sugarcane.


“We believe small actions can add up to a big difference. ecostore was founded on the idea that safer products can add up to a healthy home and a better world. That started with small change in one home.”

best eco-friendly cleaning
best eco-friendly cleaning

A Sweet Approach to The plastic problem

Right now, climate change and plastic pollution are two of the biggest challenges we all face. Plastic pollution in our oceans is currently at a crisis point, with an average of eight million tonnes entering the ocean each year.

Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals – releasing carbon into the atmosphere as it’s made, which in turn adds to climate change.

To address this, ecostore made the switch to plastic made from sugarcane to produce packaging made from a renewable source that actually removes carbon from our atmosphere.

Since 2014, ecostore has saved 4,485 tonnes of carbon from being released into the air.

Ecostore estimates that if all plastics in Australia were changed to sugar cane plastic it would be the equivalent of removing around half a million cars from Australian roads.

So why choose ecostore?

  • Their sugarcane product packaging is made from a renewable source and is recyclable
  • ecostore products are made from plant and mineral based ingredients
  • ecostore use the Precautionary Principle, meaning if there’s ever any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, they’ll find a safer one.
  • All ecostore products are made in a CarboNZero, ISO 14001 and Enviromark Diamond certified factory in Auckland
  • They practice transparency regarding ingredients, manufacturing, environmental and ethical practices. Available on the ecostore website

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Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability expert. She started The Green Hub as a blog in 2015, which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education sites dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.