7 Aussie Food Brands Using Plastic Free Compostable Packaging

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In recent years compostable packaging technology has reached a quality and price point that is within reach for food businesses, opening up exciting new possibilities for eco-friendly packaging.

Many of these packaging options provide equivalent barrier properties to conventional plastics, while also being proven to be compostable in home compost bins.

These films are primarily made from renewable materials such as plant fibre and corn starch, rather than fossil fuels which are the basis of most conventional plastics.

Compostable packaging does require certain processing conditions in order to break down, specifically heat, moisture and microbes as found in composting systems, which means it won’t necessarily break down in landfill.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

While compostable packaging is not a silver bullet for our pollution problems, it’s a positive step away from single-use and non­ biodegradable options, towards a world where the packaging that’s used on our food can be fed back into the loop.

Why aren’t bigger brands getting on board?

So far, no major brands in Australian supermarkets are incorporating compostable packaging into their ranges.

However, as with many innovations, when we look to the smaller businesses entering the market, we see exciting signs that innovation in the packaging space is underway and that change for the better is gaining momentum.

These seven small food and drink brands are showing the bigger players that the technology is out there and that it is time we turn the tide on our plastic addiction and switch to more sustainable compostable packaging.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

1. Wilderbean

Sister duo Ingrid and Sally launched their Wilderbean Chickpea Pasta and Chickpea Mac and Cheeze range in June 2020.

From the outset, they were intent on ensuring the sustainability of their products from noodles to wrapper and sought the most sustainable packaging for their products.

Wilderbean Pasta is all packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled boxes, with inner liners that are certified home compostable, made from sustainably sourced cellulose fibre.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

2. Love Tea

Love Tea has been formulating, blending, and packing organic tea in Melbourne since 2012.

Founders Damien and Emma share a background in Naturopathy and use their knowledge to design blends with therapeutic benefit and a balanced flavour.

Their loose leaf tea is packed in a compostable film, and their ‘silk’ pyramids are made from a plant-derived material called Soilon, which is fully compostable.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

3. We Bar None

Ellen created her range of snack bars in 2013 after a trip to Canada, where she was amazed by the range of healthy and sustainable snack options on the market.

Back home in Ballarat she created her range of snack bars and crackers and became the first Australian food business to use certified home compostable packaging.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

4. The Vegan Dairy

The family team at The Vegan Dairy use traditional cheesemaking techniques to craft non-dairy cheeses rich in cheesy flavour, without using artificial additives.

Their sustainability efforts include their jar return system, on-site composting facility and certified home compostable film packaging.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

5. Sip Instant Coffee

This Byron Bay coffee business has reinvented instant coffee by pairing it with coconut milk powder to give an instant milky coffee.

Their range of flavours includes chai. matcha and coconut. Their blends are packaged in compostable packaging and are certified organic and fair trade to boot.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

6. The Daily Bar

Al, The Daily Bar’s founder set out to create a healthy snack for between meals that stood apart from sugary options on the market like muesli bars and muffins.

Their nutty, seedy and refined sugar-free bars are a guilt-free option for afternoon pangs and the wrapping is also guilt-free and fully home compostable.

Plastic Free Compostable Food Packaging

7. MMMore Raw Treats

MMMore’s range of raw treats includes slices, bars and cubes, which are all vegan and gluten-free.

They are handmade in Sydney and their retail range is packaged with 100% compostable wrappers, which break down in 26 weeks.

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