Akhal Beauty Argan Oil – 3 New Mums Share Their Reviews

Kira Simpson

Welcome to our first reader tested skincare reviews!

Every person has different skin types and concerns so we want to share a range of experiences to make it easier for your to find natural beauty products you love.

This month we’re sharing three readers reviews for the Organic Argan Kernal Oil from Akhal Beauty.

Rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and squalene, this argan oil an incredible, potent face hydrater, soother and repairer.

Not just for the face, Akhal’s argan oil is wonderful for stretchmarks and great for healing sore nipples from breastfeeding. It can also be used to treat bouts of dermatitis and cradle cap for babies.

Three new and soon to be new mums tested the Akhal Beauty Argan Oil for one month. Here are their reviews.

akhal beauty argan oil

"At Akhal, we made a conscious decision to only work with companies who shared similar beliefs to us."

The reviews

Briony – Mum to a 20 week old baby and a 3.5 year old. 

“I am exclusively breastfeeding and I have new stretch marks galore from this last pregnancy!”

‘Akhal Organic Argan Kernel Oil is perfect for sensitive skin and leaves your skin dewy and soft. I was a bit unsure about using an oil as a moisturiser in Cairns but am converted! After applying 1-2 drops to my face twice daily my skin has never looked better.  Fine lines have disappeared and my complexion has been clear and blemish free without feeling oily. My dentist even commented on how great my skin was looking!

I also used the Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil around my eyes overnight- a little goes a long way, one drop was plenty. This oil felt richer and was great on less humid days. I felt it was a bit heavy to use ever day in Cairns but feel it would be perfect for winter or trips to family down south.

Having had my second baby 4.5 months ago I was also keen to try the Argan Kernel oil on my stretch marks. A once a day application of 3 drops has lead to a reduction in the pigmentation and an increase in the suppleness of my ‘stripes’ making them much less noticeable. I have only been using it for a month but am loving the results so far!

My favourite thing about the Akhal products was that they replaced a number of other moisturisers I had been using with better results. This makes them a very cost effective option. In one month of use on my face and stomach I have barely used 1/6 of a 30mL bottle. I am loving the saving of money and also precious bathroom bench space!

I can’t wait to keep using these products. They are fab!’

Raleigh – Soon to be new mum

“I’m in my 22nd week of my first pregnancy. I’ve been shopping around for the perfect stretch-mark preventer and treatement in the lead up to the next 6 months.”

I found the kernel oil a nice consistency to massage over my hips, tummy and thighs.

I did notice some faint stretch marks appearing early in my pregnancy but having been diligent with applying oil everyday since about 14 weeks they definitely look like they are being kept at bay and no new ones have appeared, even now that I can literally feel my tummy starting to stretch!

I like the scent too – a faint apricot-y perfume. The oil was easily absorbed but kept my skin moist and bouncy to touch. Oo! I also liked the packaging!

Jayne – Mum to a 12 week old baby

“I am a new mum and would be interested to see if it helps with stretch marks.”

I started using Akhal Argan Oil on my stomach 7 weeks after giving birth to my daughter. I was left with stretch marks after my pregnancy and was keen to get rid of them so I thought I’d give Argan Oil a try.

After using the Argan Oil for 5 weeks I believe that I have seen an improvement with the stretch marks. I really like the Argan Oil as it leaves my skin feeling well nourished. It is a light oil and soaks nicely into my skin, so much so that I can put clothing on over the top straight away without fear it will leave a residue. One thing I really like about it is that it doesn’t have a scent.

Whilst the stretch marks haven’t totally gone away but I will continue to use the oil and believe that they will.

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akhal beauty argan oil

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