The Best Organic, Natural & Cruelty Free Australian Makeup Brands

Rachael Hamann

I feel like I have seen a big jump in the last few years in quality and availability of natural and organic makeup brands and products.

There are certainly some amazing natural alternatives to conventional makeup out there now which I am very happy about.

Whether you like to wear makeup every day, or just on special occasions, it’s better to have something natural sitting on your skin.

It’s your largest organ and is only going to absorb parts of whatever is sitting on it for extended periods of time. I always opt for something that’s non-toxic and may even have nourishing ingredients.

Now I’m not here to drag on anyone for not being able to let go of that “conventional” bronzer or mascara, just hoping to help you find some gentler options for your skin. You might even find a new favourite, or an option to swap out that conventional product that you just haven’t been able to find an alternative for yet!

natural and organic Australian makeup brands

INIKA Organic 

INIKA have created a range of pretty much anything you could ever need. Whether you prefer liquid, pressed, or loose mineral foundation, they have an option for you. I have tried a few samples of their foundation and have to say, I really love the finish! INIKA’s products are all 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic as well as being certified organic.

natural and organic Australian makeup brands

Ere Perez

Ere Perez is another brand that seems to have an option for everyone. They have recently added nail polishes that are 85% vegetable origin and gorgeous looking eyeshadow palettes to their range that I need to find a way to get my hands on ASAP! Their products are free from irritating artificial perfumes and colours and instead contain beneficial natural, plant-based ingredients.

natural and organic Australian makeup brands

Zuii Organic

Many of you might know Zuii Organic as the brand that allows you to wear “flowers on your face”. Yep real flowers. All of their powder products a developed with real certified organic flower petals which provide a nourishing and beneficial base. Their range of liquid foundations includes a wide variety of skin tones (24 shades), but their pressed power foundation range is a little more limited (10 shades). Zuii holds a number of Australia and international organic certifications as well as being a cruelty-free company. Many of their products are also vegan.

natural and organic Australian makeup brands

La Mav

La Mav has created a great base range of “Anti-Aging” mineral makeup. Their Certified Organic BB Cream is a favourite among many and does a great job at evening everything out while still providing light SPF protection. Their mineral foundations also provide broad spectrum SPF protection while remaining non-comodegenic (doesn’t clog pores) and suitable for all skin types. La Mav products are 100% vegan, certified organic, and contains scientifically proven Bio-Actives to boost up their benefits.

natural and organic Australian makeup brands

Adorn Cosmetics 

Adorn is an Australian made and owned brand that has developed a range of all natural, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics (and skincare). They have also implemented an eco-refill program to help cut out waste! Check them out for some stunning vegan red lipstick (one of the hardest colours to develop as a vegan option!), as well as different options to suit your preference. For instance, they have liquid eye liner, eye liner crayons, AND wind-up eye liner!

Honourable mentions

nūdus and Karen Murrell for their gorgeous Australian and New Zealand made lipsticks, but keep in mind that these might not all be vegan. All colours are cruelty free, but often contain beeswax.

Kester Black and Sienna Byron Bay are also great brands to look up when you are searching for non-toxic nail polish. Sienna Byron Bay polishes are “7-Free” and Kester Black are “10-Free”; between them they offer pretty much any colour under the sun!

Feature image: Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash

Other images: via brands

Rachael Hamann

Rachael is a green beauty hoarder and Master’s student currently living in Europe. During her studies, she focused on sustainable cities and circular economy and hopes to work in a field that will make an impact on the future of our earth. All while slathering as much natural skincare on as humanly possible.