13 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands Who do Men’s Clothing

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It’s a man’s world: but not when it comes to ethical fashion.

As the wife of an incredibly fashionable (and ethically conscious) man, I feel very sympathetic when we walk into an ethical fashion store, and there are zero options for him. It’s pointless to tell you guys to avoid fast fashion when the alternatives are few and far between.

Over the past four years, I’ve asked myself: can men genuinely find stylish ethically made clothing options, that aren’t hemp or tie-dye?

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mens ethical fashion

Prepare to be relieved, my fellow male eco-shoppers, because the answer is YES.

As a way to apologise on behalf of the ethical fashion industry for not offering you sustainably made clothing as readily as you’d like, here’s a list of 13 places to shop for men’s ethical clothing that’s stylish and made well.

ethical denim brands

Outland Denim

A staple pair of jeans = crucial. Outland Denim will help you out with all styles and shades, plus support your denim jacket needs too. You’re welcome.


I like Bassike’s men’s collection so much that I just sent my husband a link. Need a flannel shirt, or a pair of pants you’ll most likely wear for the next 20 years? Bassike have a strong commitment to not only producing sustainably and ethically but consistently deliver high-quality design and construction.


Leaders of sustainable outdoor clothing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Patagonia became your new favourite brand. Into the outdoors, plus want to stay cool? Patagonia has been around since 1973, and they’ll always have your back.

RM Williams

You know it’s going to be good when ‘Men’ is listed in the menu before ‘Woman.’ RM Williams places a strong emphasis on their men’s range, including their beautifully crafted men’s shoes.

mens ethical fashion


Everlane is so popular; there’s a 99% chance your girlfriend’s last shopping haul was from there. But next time, make sure to jump in on her order. Everlane has all you need: hoodies, shorts, pants, sweaters, shirts. The works.


Ethically made and honestly priced: that’s what Kotn pride themselves on. Head to Kotn for basics, block colours, and the type of garments you wear every day, no matter the season.


I married a man wearing a Thought shirt! Most of the men in my life own at least one Thought garment. These guys understand style and comfort like no other menswear brand I’ve found. Their organic cotton is a dream to wear (so I’ve heard), and my dad has shirts that still look new after four years of hardcore wearing.


WE-AR may be a yogi-lovers paradise, but they’re definitely more than that. Wear their garments to work, birthday parties, weddings, or even, yes: yoga. WE-AR’s ethos runs through all that they do in a powerful way. For people, for the community, and the planet.

mens ethical fashion

Theo the Label

Hurry! We’ve heard this is the last of their menswear range. Grab super generous sales on a unique collection from shorts to checked shirts every person needs in their wardrobe.


If I were a dude; I’d shop here for sure. Ten trees are planted for every item purchased, plus their overall goal is to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet. Their hemp and TENCEL blends make me want to buy my husband a shirt just so I can wear it, and their transparency around suppliers and manufacturers is inspiring.


Liminal is all about fair trade, organic cotton basics. They’ll create your t-shirts, aprons, or wrist bands with unique custom printing for whatever the occasion, or shop their unisex range. There’s a little something for your mini-me too.

Krochet Kids

Creators of the world’s greatest beanie, hats aren’t all you’ll find at Krochet Kids. Simple t-shirts, jumpers, singlets, and essential carry bags are what Krochet Kids do best.

mens ethical fashion


Home of the blanket shirt (it is as good as it sounds), Outerknown are big advocates for joining sustainability and style, and never compromising on one or the other. “We’re surfers who grew up with surf brands, but we grew out of logos. And we want to wear clothing that’s made better and looks better.”

Dudes, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that in the past you’ve had to hunt harder for clothing options that don’t harm other people and the planet in the process, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long for brands to wake up to the fact that you need to be clothed too.

But now you have this list; I trust you feel supported, heard, and well dressed. Next time you go shopping for fast fashion: no excuses.

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