Would You Try The Slow Fashion 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge?

Lee Vosburgh

As is the case with most bloggers, I started Style Bee as a creative outlet where I could share my love for fashion and design.

I  began focusing on responsible style at the start of 2016 when I just couldn’t take any more of the fast fashion mindset.

I’d become increasingly interested in slowing down, shopping thoughtfully and building a closet I could feel good about for years, not just seasons.

My closet used to be a source of anxiety for me but since I let go of the need to ‘keep up’ and constantly ‘add’ it’s become a source of contentment and satisfaction.

Having only functional pieces I love to wear makes getting ready a pleasure instead of a dilemma!


My outfits usually start with one piece that I’m excited to wear. Then I build on that item with another piece that I feel compliments it well.

I’ll pick my shoes and bag next and finish the look with a touch of jewelry and if needed a great top layer. Coats, blazers, and vests are my favourite way to finish a look!

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to responsible brands now but Elizabeth Suzann has been a long-time favourite and I love Garmentory for shopping all the best indie boutiques and discovering new designers.

Stle Bee 10x10 wardrobe challenge

style bee
style bee

The 10×10 Challenge 

The 10 x 10 Challenge is an exercise I established in 2015 to help encourage myself to get more creative with my clothes during a 30 day shopping fast I was on at the time. The concept is essentially a microcapsule closet that you work with for 10 days, trying new looks and styling your clothes in ways you might not otherwise try.

The basic guidelines

  • pick any 10 items from your current closet
  • style those items into 10 different looks
  • use 10 days to do it
  • have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Lee Vosburgh

Style Bee is the creative hive of Lee (the Bee) Vosburgh, where she endeavours to explore the definition of personal style and share the best independent makers and brands from around the globe. Through Style Bee, Lee aims to inspire readers to shop thoughtfully with careful consideration about every purchase.