10 Ethical & Sustainable Denim Brands You Need on Your Radar

The best ethical & sustainable jeans

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Denim has a bad reputation in the ethical fashion world.

Denim is often found in the same sentence as the words pesticides, excessive water consumption, and slave labour.

Thankfully (I don’t want to walk around naked) ethical fashion brands have been revolutionising denim production, and they’ve nailed it. You can now feel good in your jeans, knowing they’re doing good by people and the planet.

Top 10 denim brands we love…

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ethical denim brands

1. Nobody Denim

Born in Melbourne, Nobody Denim are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, and continue to produce their garments in Melbourne. They offer a full range of styles, including denim skirts and jackets too. Nobody Denim work closely with global denim mills to source the most sustainable and high quality fabrics.

2. Denimsmith

Denimsmith garments are made in a workroom in Brunswick East, Melbourne, which doubles as the shop. Customers can watch the makers whilst browsing for garments; Denimsmith have bought ‘locally made’ to a whole new level. They clothe both men and women.

ethical denim brands


More than just another denim brand, RE/DONE are a movement. They take vintage Levis jeans, unpick the seams, and use the durable fabric to create new jeans. Each pair is distinctly one of a kind, and made in LA using water conserving methods, and no harsh chemicals.

4. Outland

Outland know each of their seamstresses by name, they earn a living wage, and work with the most ethically and environmentally sound materials. Outland share their supply chain, business model, and all processes transparently on their website for the public to see. To top it off, they are Australia’s first B-Corporation Certified denim brand.

ethical denim brands

5. Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes initially set out to eradicate the idea that sustainable fashion is dull and expensive. Since 2006, they’ve become a leading ethical fashion brand, with ranges growing and adapting for all tastes. They sell chinos, slim fit, boyfriend jeans, and their signature wide fit jeans for men and women.

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6. Nudie Jeans Co

Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with the promise of free repairs, no matter where you bought them from. They are made from 100% organic cotton, and made to last you forever. Jeans should become your skin, and Nudie Jeans make sure to work with suppliers and makers who ensure their jeans are sustainable for you and the planet.

ethical denim brands

7. MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans realise resources on earth are limited. Even though we could walk around naked to reduce our impact, that’s not current reality. Jeans produced in a circular economy at MUD Jeans are second best. When a pair of MUD Jeans has come to an end, MUD Jeans turn them into a new pair of jeans, named after their previous owner, and sold as vintage jeans for the next user to wear.

8. Reformation

Women should feel beautiful in everything they wear, no matter their size or shape. This is Reformation’s mission. They make all products from sustainable materials, including rescued deadstock fabric and re-purposed vintage clothing. The factory where Reformation clothing is made, uses the most efficient, eco-friendly, and pro-social technologies and methods they can find. Reformation strive to offset their impact on the planet by planting more forests and investing in environment focused organisations that give back.

ethical denim brands

9. AG Jeans

AG Jeans believe in being socially active and responsible. Waste reduction, energy efficiency, supply chain transparency, eco-friendly fibres; AG Jeans are walking the walk. You’ll find tops, shirts, dresses, and of course jeans, for both men and women.

10. G-Star RAW

“Sustainability is a condition for doing business at G-Star and a process of continuous improvement.” Denim innovation is G-Star’s focus, and they are quick to outline their sustainability reports and supply chain details with the opinion that their customers have the right to know. G-Star offer jeans for both men and women, along with several other non-denim products.

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